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Suspicious of your mate? Read this book, November 5, 2006
Reviewer:  Cindy G - Book freak "Cindy G"

This is a terrific quick read for any woman who thinks her mate might be
straying or has strayed. It's very funny and very thought provoking.

It does not tell you how to get revenge. After you read the book, you won't
want to anyway but you will gain something more valuable - clarity.

Some of her ideas on how to catch your cheating mate are downright
hysterical. My favorite part though (and the part I wish I'd done when I
finally confronted my cheating mate) was to always have a reason ready
when asked "what are you doing looking at my xxxx credit card bill?". I also
loved her explanation of how to watch for and how to handle the "Jedhi
Mind Games". This ability comes in handy in all types of situations - not just
in confronting a cheating spouse.

Enjoy this book!

Recognizing and Uncovering Betrayal,  August 9, 2005
Reviewer: Donna Garrison "wise woman" (Toronto, ON)

If you want to uncover infidelity, this book will help you do that. It's a funny
read, that will give you all of the information you need to catch them in the
act.  Once you've caught them, then it's up to you whether you want to
work it out or not...

An Investigator At Heart, January 31, 2004
Reviewer: The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers (see more about me) from

WITH DECEPTIONS by Danine Manette is a step-by-step, how-to,
investigative guide for catching a cheating spouse or significant other.
Written by a woman, either men or women can use this small but
informative guide.

Manette, a criminal investigator by trade with a Ph.D. in law and a personal
experience from having been cheated on, goes into great detail by laying out
a foundation on how to begin an investigative journey that culminates in
self-reflection. Manette writes with humor but pulls no punches when it
comes to the tactics she highly recommends. The contents of the book are
Recognizing Signs, Gathering Evidence, Confrontation, Disclosure and What
Now. Each content area provides a framework of how to discover, if there
is anything to discover, half-truths and lies. At the end of the journey
Manette brings it all home with the chapter on Self-Reflection. If you have to
go to these lengths, what does that say about you?

WITH DECEPTIONS will have your mouth agape, your mind spinning and
may have you laughing out loud at some of the tactics used to uncover the
hidden truth.
Reviewed by Dawn R. Reeves
of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

Watch out cheaters!! August 8, 2003
Reviewer: Stacey W. Mattison from Atlanta, GA

This is a great book for people who suspect their mate of cheating. It's a
must read for men and women - It's humorous and full of excellent tips!
There is also quite a bit information to make you think about your current
relationship and how healthy or unhealthy it is. It's an excellent read - you
won't be able to put the book down!

A great and quick read! July 16, 2003
Reviewer: George Arroyo from California, United States

Danine Manette manages to write a "how to" that offers real world advice in
a concise and entertaining manner. In this book, Danine is painfully honest
about her personal emotions while offering the reader a straight forward,
easy to follow approach to discovery and confirmation of a cheating partner.

At such a bargain price, I picked up the book out of male curiosity. Despite
the fact it's a "how to book", I found myself reading this short book in just
one sitting because THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL has a good deal of
suspense to it. I imagined someone going through all the steps Danine
suggests which creates a sense of suspense as one reads quickly through the
book. Will you be caught spying on your mate! Will your mate catch on to

catch your cheating mate..And for those who are cheating on your spouse,
this book is probably a must read if you want a half decent chance to cover
your tracks!

Reviewed by: Waryheart 8/30/2003

I just finished soaking in the tub reading your book cover to cover! I only
wish I'd been able to read it seven years ago  (not that I would have listened
to anyone's advice back then...) This book is awesome. Many practical tips
on gathering evidence and maintaining your composure. I made so many
mistakes when collecting evidence. The worst was that I constantly tipped
my hand in anger. And yeah, I always divulged my sources to him, out of a
sense of honesty and "legality." Now I see how that hampered me... my H is
a govt. investigator who is good at what he does. So I have been dealing
with the master of Jedeye Mind Tricks. I have pretty much given up the
search and am concentrating on getting me healed... It is a great book! It is
absolutely the kind of practical book I wish I'd had years ago. The nitty
gritty details really help me, a lot more than psychological fluff.

Anyway, folks: The book is warm, matter-of-fact, and filled with great
details on how to snoop. The descriptions of cheaters' common responses
are dead-on. Most importantly, the final chapter asks the reader to ask
herself to do some soul-searching. You have helped me to see that I do
deserve better. Thank you dmanette for sharing your knowledge and
experience in this book!  You deserve the kudos!!!

Reviewed by Sarah White 2/21/2001

The author gives a very insightful view into the mind of cheating mates. She
also knows how to identify with feelings that everyone has probably had in
one relationship or another. This book encourages readers to examine not
only their mate but themselves.
For guys too! October 18, 2009
By  Nick S. "Nick S." (Southern Illinois)

This book is for guys too. I recently got this book and read it the same day,
I couldn't put it down. I basically wanted some piece of mind that getting rid
of my ex because I thought she was cheating was the right decision. After
reading this book, I realized that my ex's behavior and behavior changes
were exactly what the book said cheaters would do. At one point, it just
bulletin points bunches of clues that are later explained. I found myself
saying yes-- she did that and that and that. I have to say that at the end of
the book I kinda felt dumb for not seeing all the signs but I am really glad I
know what to look for now.

Five Stars !!!!!, March 5, 2008
Reviewer: Seashells (NC, USA)

This has got to be the BEST book ever written on the subject of infidelity !
If you suspect that your spouse or - SO - is cheating on you - then you will
never regret purchasing this book. The author is a pretty incredible person,
as well :)

Simply - the BEST - Infidelity Book - out there!!!  May 9, 2006
Reviewer: Drifting "Sandy" (Carolinas)


How ANYONE could think otherwise, is beyond ME!!!  I am not, a
professional book reviewer, so I speak only from my heart... I am a
betrayed spouse. When I first suspected, that my husband was seeing
another woman, my first thought was to run to the book store, and pull
every book off the shelves that dealt with infidelity and so I did... Had quite
a stack of them, next to my chair, and I spent weeks looking thru them ALL
and found that Danine Manette's book, "Ultimate Betrayal" was and is, the
only book, that truly "got ME" and "helped Me"... In fact, she probably
saved my life. Dealing with infidelity is a "roller coaster ride"  at best and
when one first finds out, the cheating spouse will most likely lie, lie, lie, and
- you - the betrayed spouse, will believe them, for a while...making yourself
feel like you are going crazy. Not a good place to be... Ms Manette's book
gave me hope, courage, guidance, humor, and it's all condensed into one -
easy read - treasure cove - of excellent information! IF you suspect that
your spouse is having an affair, this book is for you.  Do not purchase
another one, until you have read this one, PLEASE!!!

Simply - the BEST - BETTER -  than all the rest!!!!! Once you start reading
it you will not be able to put it down, it's that good...

This book is definitely a page turner! February 25, 2004
Reviewer: A reader from San Mateo, California USA

I was hesitant to read this book, but found I just couldn't put it down after I
started reading it. The author explains situations and gives readers a
step-by-step plan for finding out if their mate is cheating. In doing so, she
had me laughing the whole time with her experiences and suggestions for
how to catch the cheater at his game. I was pleasantly surprised at how the
author sums up her experience in her journey and makes good points about
why we even put up with lying/cheating mates in the first place. Now that
I've read the book, I definitely recommend it.

Educational and entertaining, December 31, 2003 Reviewer: A reader
from Los Angeles, CA

This book is appealing on several levels. Not only a practical "how-to" book
with techniques to catch a cheating mate (by the way, they work!), the
book is also an entertaining read. The author writes with humor and candor,
drawing on personal experience. Also offers some thought-provoking advice
on relationships which was definitely helpful to me!

A Reader from Oakland, July 31, 2003
Reviewer: A reader from Oakland, CA United States

Ultimate Betrayal is an excellent journey into the world of mate-to-mate
deception. Danine Manette provides riveting details on recognizing and
coming to terms with deceptive behavior from an intimate party. I highly
recommend this book and it's a must read for anyone dealing with deception
from any 3rd party source, whether it be an intimate partner, friend,
co-worker, etc. Pick up the book today!

Challenging and thought provoking...a must read!! July 15, 2003
Reviewer: A reader from California

This book is for every person who has ever felt betrayed. My guess is that
everyone has at some point in their life. The author does a wonderful job of
validating our feelings of hurt and confusion. It is nice to know that
someone understands our need to uncover betrayal. But be careful, because
by the end of the book, the person you may uncover the most about is

Reviewed by Lori Jones 7/2/2003

What a journey!! This was good - having experienced what you have
experienced and then reading about it is powerful. You have put into words
every thought, fear, angry outburst, stupid act, etc.

I'm glad this book was not just about how to tell if "he" is cheating, but
really more about the self-destruction of ourselves in searching for the

Some of it is funny-having lived thru it, survived and all, I can laugh; but,
boy, were those some painful moments-you articulated them nicely - I "felt"

Reviewed by Crystal Thomas 2/23/2001

This book is OUTSTANDING. The author gives excellent techniques about
catching a mate that may be cheating. The book also encourages
self-analysis and evaluation of what one may be doing to "enable" the
cheater. This book offers valuable lessons that are delivered with a sense of

Reviewed by: Lisa in Canada  :-)
Fantastic job!!!

You are absolutely, right on the money in all that you share/explain. I'm 33,
divorced, and RN......and though you'd think I had a couple brains in my
head (LOL), looking back, it's clear that I've more often than not, ended up
with men who cheated. Even my ex husband. All of these past experiences
have helped now, to fine tune my intuition....though sometimes I find myself
maybe being a little too suspicious/skeptical/cynical? My friends and family
have always called me "Sherlock" haha....because I can (through too much
past experience) spot a cheater or potential cheater a mile away....and like
yourself, I must have PROOF! There are a lot of women out there who live
in denial......I can't imagine living that way. Life is too short. A woman's
mental health, happiness, peace of mind are worth a heckuva lot more than
that! Well, just wanted to let you know that all I read made perfect sense,
very easy to understand, very well laid out, very 'common sense.' Bravo!
Cheating, and Infidelity
Danine Manette
Ultimate Betrayal